Team Initiatives

The Vakaru Team is waiting for you to give you a memorable stay!

May we introduce our Hydroponic Garden

Our hydroponic garden has been set up by our Executive Chef Riccardo Rizzoli in March 2012 and is set in the centre of the island. As we just started our hydroponic garden we cater every 2-3 weeks some special varieties of fresh salads and herbs to our Main Restaurant such us baby rocket, green lettuce, iceberg salad, thyme, lemongrass, basil, mint, cherry tomatoes. This efficient and eco-friendly method, made in Thailand, ensures easy and rapid harvesting. The hydroponic garden system is wholly dependent on water and some special nutrients, which are necessary for the plants to grow.

We produce our own pesto after the original recipe “Confraternita del Pesto” of Genova, which has been passed from generation to generation.

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