• Dear Guests,

    As you step onto your private terasse, tropical sunlight washes over you and a soothing sea breeze kisses your cheeks. Your holiday has begun at Vakarufalhi Island resort.
    For a moment, the peace and solitude takes your breath away. Ahead, the clear blue waters from Vakaru beach fan out to meet the sky in an endless expanse.
    You observe that the resort’s accommodations are thoughtfully designed with elegance. Nature seems to be the only companion, her bounty fills all senses. You are always close enough to hear the music of the waves.
    But it’s not just peace and solitude here. The stunning waters is perfect for any sea activities, from kayaking to wind surfing and deep sea diving.
    As the sun sets, the Island slowly becomes a golden panorama. The signature scene of sipping your cocktails on the beach comes to mind. Views of the dazzling white sand and Vakarufalhis singular charm make it special after all.
    With the night still young, you head to the jewel for relaxation, Duniye Spa. The spa complex is indeed a sanctuary within a sanctuary situated on the lush blue waters of mother nature.
    During every experience in this paradise, you are surrounded by natural beauty. Your dream vacation begins at Vakarufalhi Island resort.

    Thomas Venzin
    Your Host
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